Have you ever thought exactly why you must opt for effective blending device for your kitchen? Well, the perfect answer for that question can be provided by the Ninja Professional Blender. Made in Massachusetts by Euro-Pro, this midrange house ware is evidently a must have in all kitchens ninja 1100 blender youtube given its design and functionality in blending. This blender has evolved a lot in order to improve its performance level that includes mixing, ice crushing, and blending. It has also been changed into a plastic jar (BPA), leaving its weight at an amazing 72-ounce only.

What makes this gadget so appealing to many consumers?

Readily accessible recipes

Ice crushing and chopping almonds are among the many ninja mega kitchen system jobs that this blender can perform in making different recipes. The output upon the use of this blender is an amazing fine cut in a really short span of time, earning it a high rank.

High power

The power that is being used by the Ninja is approximately 1000 watts. Because of this, ice crushing and fruit-blending can be achieved appropriately with all ease. It is in a position to also handle vegetables easily due to this motor strength which is unparalleled by other blenders. There are four-options in this motor including three speeds-based on the task at hand, and a pulse setting.

Dishwasher safe parts

As the blades of the blenders are extremely sharp which can probably slice one?s finger, washing them appears to be very challenging to do. The pitcher, the blades and the lid of the blender are dishwasher safe, so there?s no need to wash and clean them on your own.

Blade distribution on the stem

is the blender?s exceptional characteristic is its blades because such are spreading along the main stem. This shows that the blades are all over and not restricted to the bottom of the jar. With this, food processing is made equally ninja professional blenders as all the contents, not just those on the bottom part, are pureed.

No leaking chance

The primary reason of leaks in lots of blenders is due to the disjointed parts due to constant usage. In addition, this is not true with the Ninja Blender. The Ninja comes in a single piece and its blades are lightly attached to the base part of the blender. The blades will never ever get dislodged although they are lightly installed.

Why you need select the Ninja Professional Blender among the other blenders on the market?

A very friendly price

The cost of the Ninja is about $100 only, which is too affordable for a very elegant device, unlike to the other pricey high powered brands such as the Blendtec.

The number of blades

The Ninja incorporates a single set of blender blades, which executes all the tasks in contrast to other models which tend to have several sets. The Ninja thus reduces the inconveniences that accompany the blade selection for each chore at hand particularly for older persons who would not be very specific in late years.


Yes, the Ninja appears to be a noisy blender but Nutribullet and some other models are noisier. The Ninja is well-liked by many compared to that of the other noisier brands.

The Ninja strength

Ice crushing can be achieved perfectly by the Ninja than the other cheaper brands in the market due to its solid strength. This is unlike other brands which would eventually give in and break because of the intensity of such process.

The Ninja also has a tendency to last longer than most of these other lower brands and this makes it a more sensible choice for any kitchen.

Well, there are a few disadvantages in using the Ninja, however its pros surpass them. With that, it is still great to purchase them for kitchen use.